About us

 Meridiano 67’s objective is to promote Latin American culture through beautiful designs on textile pieces and accesories for everyone to wear. Our high-quality products incorporate iconic representations of Latin American flora, fauna, history and cultural expressions, conveying the region happiness and passion while honoring mother nature and cultural legacy. These unique creations are worn for their beauty and elegancy.  We hope you enjoy it!
Meridiano 67°, founded in 2020, is a Houston-based brand.  Its name is allusive to the imaginary north–south line on the Earth’s surface that connects both geographic poles; meridian 67° West crosses just west of Caracas, Venezuela and many other Latin American countries, including Colombia, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
Adriana Valerio, founder and creative director, originally from Venezuela, lived and studied in Caracas and then moved to Houston, where she’s been raising her family for many years. Meridiano 67°, started from Adriana’s passions about art and fashion combined with her deep roots in Latin America. Her memories are frequently refreshed by connecting with Latin friends around the world united by similar past and rich cultures and her frequent trips to the region.
How we do it
Adriana works with designers in Latin America and top of the line manufacturers around the world to create stunning textile pieces made with high quality natural fabrics and full of vibrant colors. Every single piece is timeless and has been created to captivate these feelings of nostalgia through creative designs, elaborate artistry, and the connection between the beauty of nature and legacy of our cultural expressions.can use this widget to input text into the page.